Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sidney Wildesmith at L Street Gallery

 by Patricia Frischer
July 26 to Oct 4, 2016

Sidney Wildesmith: Wonderlust and TRANSDIMENSIONAL which begins July 26 and runs to Oct 4. There is an opening reception on Sat. Aug 13, 6-8 pm This is a retrospective of Widesmith, who was an Artist in Residence in 7 National Parks.  This is also a tribute to the National Parks 100th anniversary. At the opening and for night only TRANSDIMENSIONAL is the premiere of artwork exceeding 3-dimensionals. L Street Gallery at the Omni (628 L Street, SD 92101) More info: Sidney 760-436-8776

Sometimes you just want to see or own a landscape picture that is beautiful, calming, contemplative and reassuring. Sidney Wildesmith is your man. He absolute love of the country is apparent and the subtle touch he brings to each of these works assures that they will be long treasured. They are beautifully presented a L Street Gallery which Kay Colvin has managed to keep alive, even with the changes all around her in downtown SD. 

And Sidney offers us another treat in this show for those who might be more scientific minded. In the one night only display, we put on 3-d glasses and were treated to an array of shapes and colors that danced in front of our eyes. I only wish that a whole classroom of students had been there to see these fun creations. Wildesmith is an excellent teacher and I would not be surprised if Transdimensional art became a workshop in the future. No illustrations here, until our computers can catch up!

Sidney Wildesmith

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