Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jingle and Mingle SDVAN Annual Potluck Lunch and Accessory exchange

by Patricia Frischer

 Mingle and Jingle,t the SDVAN  Annual 2016 Holiday Potluck Lunch on Tuesday, Dec 13, 11 am to 2 pm (2487 Montgomery Avenue, Cardiff by the Sea, Ca 92007) RSVP: 760.943.0148. Please bring: One dish or drinks for 8 to share and Jewelry and Accessories for our annual swap exchange.

It is always amazing when you gather a group of creatives together.  This year was no exception and the food that was prepared and delivered was exceptional as was the variety of accessories (jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes etc.) that changed hands. 

Here is a small selection of those who attended our end of year celebration. Many, many more attended like Kira Carrillo Corser​, Alice Diamond, Ralyn Wolfstein, Irene De Watteville​, Janine Free, Cheryl Tall​, Ellen Speert​, Rosemary KimBal, Lonnie and Maurice Hewitt,Barbro and Alex Kilpatrick, Emmy Garnica, Kathy and John (Kaarin Vaughn parents), and some new friends like Marian Zeldin and  Lynn A. Buettner​(who supplied some of the photos below.  There were lots of new faces and so please do pass this on to them if you read this.

Cheryl NIckel, Anna Siqueiros, Naimeh Tahna, Kaarin Vaughn

Heidi Rufeh, Fritzie Urquhart, Patricia Frischer, Lia Strell

Alessandra Cofi, William Lesley, Naomi Nussbaum

Michelle Kurtis Cole and Deanne Sabeck

Kaz Maslanka and John Campbell

Jennifer and Peggy

Ellen Arcadi

Christina and Nancy

Marti Kransberg between Bill and Peggy French

Melinda Resendes with John Campbell

Gerrit Greve and Nate Wolfstein

Doug Diamond

A view of the spread

Artists created ugly sweater cookies

Decor galore

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