Saturday, February 23, 2019

Courtney Mattison at Lux Art Institute

By Patricia Frischer

Courtney Mattison on show through Saturday, March 23, 2019 at Lux Art Institute where she was artist in residence. 

The bleaching of the coral reefs was brought to my attention during the DNA of Creativity project Sea Change: Act. This occurs when coral die and they lose that rapture of the deep color. Courtney Mattison has taken that transition and arranged it in huge spirals shapes that function like wall reliefs  at the installation at the Lux Art Institute. These magical ceramic composition are inspired by corals shapes but are not duplicates but instead expressionist interpretations of those creatures under the sea. And the color which is dampened down from the florescent reality, saves these works from looking too Disney. 

The works are obviously well constructed, with dynamic arrangements of the elements but I think it is the honestly and and genuine concern for the state of endangered corals that gives this art its heart.  

The Fossil Fuel series shows corals fighting their way back by covering oil drums,and oil cans. 

Sea Changes!

Detail from above

The following series is called Hope Spots and we can dream that the corals will come back someday. 

Visit Courtney Mattison's website to see more of this glorious art work. 

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