Friday, February 11, 2022

The Ethics of Engagement: A Conversation with Aruna D’Souza and Zoë Charlton facilitated by Andrea Chung

by Patricia Frischer

This fascinating conversation which tries to recognize the ways our intentions perpetuate the system of hierarchy, also highlights the art works of Zoë Charlton. As an older white women, I am not going to even begin to summarize this dialogue but trust that you will listen to it yourself. I just hope the images induce you to take the time to hear, digest and even react to their words. 

Contemporary artist and educator Zoë Charlton and art historian and critic Aruna D’Souza will be in conversation discussing the social themes throughout Zoë’s artistic practice and her current projects as well as both speakers’ experiences engaging the ethics of institutions within specific communities and audiences. The Black Studies Project at UC San Diego has invited Andrea Chung to be their Artist in Residence. As part of the residency, Andrea has invited Zoë Charlton and Aruna D'Souza to participate in a discussion, co- sponsored by the Department of Visual Arts.

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