Thursday, March 24, 2022

Sparks Gallery and Bread and Salt March update plus a little vinyl record art

 by Patricia Frischer

My husband and I are still being very careful. We are fully vaccinated and boosted. We wear masked when we go out and avoid all crowded places. That means grocery shopping at 10 pm on Saturday night and avoiding art exhibition opening receptions.  But I was delighted to stay safe and still see lots of art on a recent outing from our home in Cardiff by the Sea to downtown San Diego.
We made three stops. 

1. Sparks Gallery to drop off some wine for the reception for Hector Villegas Business of Art Scholarship recipient at Mission Fed ArtWalk from April 30 and May 1, 2022 in Little Italy produced by Art Unites and sponsored by SDVAN.  More info: Blanca Lucia Bergman. It was a surprise treat to see the works of Gina Palmerin. 

2. Art Reach Art Education Charity Art Auction to deliver 2 of the  100 vinyl records that will be on display at Mission Fed ArtWalk in Little Italy on April 30th and May 1st, 2022.  More info:

3. Bread and Salt to see the Irma Sofia Poeter exhibition New Man: A Woman's Gaze (I missed her show in Tecate and wanted to make sure and see this one),  Trace by James Brown of Public Architecture, Tara Donovan at Quint OneKathryn O’Halloran In The Inner-Garden, Everything is Permissible at Best Practice, and artist in residence Walker Hewitt. I was only able to see the last three through the windows as they were not open and the same was true of the Ice Gallery and the Athenaeum. 

Art by Hector Villegas at Sparks Gallery

Hector Villegas. Photo: Jesse Bergman

Although I am not a big fan of figures with big eyes (ala Walter and Margaret Keane), I was struck by some of the works in this exhibition . This wee girl especially set against the brick walls of the gallery was striking. I also was brought to a halt by the two sets of couples, one Mexican  elite and one traditional prince and princess. 

Gina Palmerin at Sparks Gallery Icons and Legends

Gina Palmerin at Sparks Gallery Icons and Legends

Gina Palmerin at Sparks Gallery Icons and Legends

Gina Palmerin at Sparks Gallery Icons and Legends

These toothpicks of Tara Donovan are held together by the shear force of their compactness. Every time they are moved you see a bit of fallen debris. 

Tara Donovan at Quint One at Bread and Salt

When I researched Walker Hewitt, I found a work that spelled out, "No one should  talk about art ever." That maybe why there is so little information about this artist. But this art he is making during his residency at Bread and Salt looks intriguing. Maybe it is the lush inner garden of his mind.  

Walker Hewitt, artist in residence, Bread and Salt

During the pandemic, Kathryn O'Halloran quit her job, moved to the desert and became a mother. The satellite dish below has been made into a bed for past, present and future child. The garden of the title is not full of lush growth, but instead a place to keep safe and dream, and rally. 

Kathryn O'Halloran In the Garden, Everything is Permissible at Best Practices at Bread and Salt

The smallest room in the Bread and Salt ground floor held these blueprints and plans and sketches for a live/work space for artists to be built in back of the building. The owner James Brown is also the architect in charge of this project which will unfold over the course of time. 

James Brown Trace of Public Architecture at Bread and Salt

James Brown Trace of Public Architecture at Bread and Salt

Irma Sofia Poeter is a SD Art Prize recipient and an artist worth following. This work realigns our view of the world, making all things male into a soft, sparkling, curvy, colorful vision. 

Irma Sofia Poeter

Irma Sofia Poeter

Irma Sofia Poeter

Irma Sofia Poeter

Irma Sofia Poeter

I am delighted to be able to participate in the Art Reach Art Education Charity Art Auction of 100 vinyl records which will be on display at Mission Fed ArtWalk in Little Italy on April 30th and May 1st, 2022.  More info:

Patricia Frischer: In this work I tried to capture the essence of the George Gershwin composition Rhapsody in Blue. The swells of music and the quiet spaces, the rolling build up to crescendos and the complicated even intricate fingering on the piano were all inspiration to me. This is my gift to the audience for this work, sealed with a kiss. 

Patricia Frischer: I am always open to new source material, and when I saw these ancient Paiwan bead necklaces in Ornament magazine, I knew the shape would compliment the challenge of a round vinyl record format. I created my own pages of patterns and then cut out various bead shapes. I like the idea of carrying on a tradition, started so long ago and bringing it into contemporary life. The hole in the record lent itself to the pursed lips which set the tone for the colorful background.  

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