Sunday, March 3, 2024

Mingei: La Frontera Jewelry and Over Under Woven Craft

 by Patricia Frischer

Haydee Alonso, this unwearable ring symbolizes
 the promise of goals that will never be realized. 

La Frontera
Mingei Museum, Balboa Park showing until Aug 4, 2024
Curated by Mike Holmes and Lorena Lazard. Organized by Kerianne Quick and Jessica Tolbert

Jewelry is traditionally adornment but for the second iteration of this exhibition it is all about communication. The subject is the U.S.–Mexico border and the artist are international but with 24 local to the border, it resonates strongly with our community.

Most of the works are relatively small and take time to study…the notes are important to interpret the artists statements. But you can still glory in the bright and shiny as well as become educated especially about migration and identity. Every piece was chosen to tell a story.

There is a concurrent La Frontera exhibition at CECUT - Centro Cultural Tijuana.  It is interesting to note that La Frontera is a Community Event endorsed by the World Design Capital San Diego /Tijuana 2024 (WDC 2024).

Fernanda Barba present the fingerprint below, but each piece can be worn,
 but only if it stays in an impossibly difficult balance. 

Fernanda Barba

Eduado Graue - we have all been there, done that!

William Austin: Clothes on a Fence, Shirt

Kevin Hughes - the simplest necklace,
a red, green and white plastic bottle handle 

Over/Under: Woven Craft at Mingei

Last days so go see this exhibition until March 10, 2024. It is full of every imaginable medium that can be woven. Not just thread but grass, bark, wire, even a mural of paint depicting weaving right on the walls of the gallery by San Diego artist Yomar Augusto. The show spans the ages and the world. I just gloried in the intricacy of the over 75 works , including textiles, basketry, garments, hats, toys, jewelry, bowls, shoes. This is unashamedly craft drawn from the permanent collection of the Mingei. 

Preston Singletary: blown and sandblasted glass

Giant fish traps (unknow makers)

fish trap (detail)
Yomar Augusto.


Ikabana basket (unknow maker)

Two artists were featured in the glass cases on the ground floor of the Mingei, a space that is free to enter. 

This and the two baskets below are made by local artist couple Francina and Neil Prince. These baskets are all made from our local Torrey Pines needles.

This unique ceramic works by Japanese artist Yukiya Izumita from 2012 are fired and glazed clay. 

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