Sunday, March 10, 2024

Rosemary KimBal: Dancing Brush Demonstration at Art Night Encinitas

by Patricia Frischer
Photos and Video by Kira Carrillo Corser

Art Night Encinitas featured seven different venues and at the Encinitas Library we were totally entertained by the Dancing Brush demonstration by Rosemary KimBal.  This contemporary Zen brush painter commissioned a whole selection of these giant brushes in China. There were 10 participants who got to hold a dry brush and do some practice strokes. Then one of the largest brushes was loaded with three colors of ink to begin. KimBal made the first stroke, first taking a centering breath and exhaling as she pressed the tip and then the side of the brush, rolling it and gently lifting it to the tip as if moved across the paper. The brush was then passed along the 24 feet of  paper to each participants. When needed the brush was re-charged with paint by artist aided by Portia LaTouche

Giant brush display with Rosemary KimBal and Juliana Scoggins (volunteer)

Rosemary KimBal explaining to one of her students Mia, with new Chairperson of the Encinitas Commission for Arts Katy Fox and Encinitas Arts Administrator, Collette Murphy (in white)  looking on . 

Brenda Andrews

There was an enormous crowd ringed around the area enjoying seeing real art created. Some of the participants were artists, but for many it was their first time even holding a brush at all.  Present and fully involved with the demonstration was Brenda Andrews, the new director of the Fallbrook Art Center. If you missed this event, you can see the results at the next Fallbrook gallery show, the 15th Annual Signature Watermedia International Exhibition. 


Encinitas Library on Cornish Drive, like many of the venues, had multiple arts events. There was live music, artist talks, and docent-led tours throughout the evening. 

Including at the library were: Chris Tucker - Artist Talk about his exhibition,  Awaken the Poet Within - Ekphrastic Poetry Workshop, Marsha Brook - Artist Demonstration,  "Women Rock!" - Music PerformanceMMYO Piano Trio - Music Performance, Encinitas Library Studio Art Art Workshop, Awaken the Poet Within Poetry Reading. 

Others venues include Encinitas Town Hall, the Encinitas Community Center and a variety of partner sites.  

Future Arts Night Encinitas are on Saturdays, June 29 and Nov 16.


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