Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Pinar Yoldas: Synaptic Sculpture at ICA Central Balboa Park

 by Patricia Frischer

You walk into a large space and see a selection of odd objects, giant test tubes, a cat poster, huge series of balls, what looks like a large round hole in the back wall leading to another gallery. But there is a pleasant feeling of intrigue. The walls have been graded in rainbow colors from green to yellow to orange, red, purple, blue. The is a large swaying incense burner and a film of a lovely avatar. Yes, it is confusing, and the visuals are stunning and everything is crafted very well.  This pulls you in to learn more.

Dr. Pinar Yoldas, born in Turkish and now a UC San Diego Professor, uses her background in architecture and neuroscience, to create a fictional world but documented in the real world.

The test tubes are bubbling away with algae to build a future civilization, the cat is running for office on a platform of love, the balls are a model of a couch where everyone has to balance together to relax. The avatar describes her birth and family and her role in the world. There are even models of her development from multiple parents hosting the fetus.

The hole in the wall was like a view into another world, but of course, it was a mirror with a blue light reinforcing the illusion.

I enjoyed my time in the mind of Pinar Yoldas. Were there real electric signals moving from one nerve cell to another? We will never know for sure, but my belief in the power of art is strong.

ICA Central Balboa Park showing until Sunday, June 23, 2024
1439 El Pradom San Diego, CA 92101


grow - harvest - repeat

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