Saturday, January 9, 2021

Compassionate Youth Concerned with Mental Health Day 1

 by Patricia Frischer

You can now view the 90 minute session on Coping with Anxiety and Worries
You can now view the 90 minute session on Overcoming Depression and Hopelessness
You can now view the 90 minute session on Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equity
You can now view the 90 minute session on Understanding Autism

Saturday's discussions on Coping with Anxiety and Worries and Overcoming Depression and Helplessness was fantastic and so interesting with lots of positive feedback from participants! The panel was simply saturated with color and good ideas!

Compassionate Youth Concerned with Mental Health Zoom Discussions on Sat/Sun Jan 9/10th, 2021 which will cover 4 topics: Coping with Anxiety and Worries, Overcoming Depression and Hopelessness,  Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equity, Understanding Autism each with a 1 1/2 hour session that has been prepared by youth ambassadors, guidance counselors and compassionate lead artists.  Streaming live on Facebook: Compassionate Arts/Posts For Peace and Justice and produced by Compassionate Arts San Diego .   For more info: Kira Corser 510.684.4651.

Video Summary

  1. Coping with Anxiety and Worries - video on the Post for Peace and Justice 
  2. Overcoming Depression and Loneliness - video on the Post for Peace and Justice 

If you miss these sessions, make sure and keep in touch to view the archived panels. 

Here are just a few of the comments:

Embodied practices like mindful movement (yoga), dance, any exercise that feels good in the body also is key to build awareness, resilience and process emotional content

 “The less we talk about it, the worst we feel about it” so lets talk about it (mental health)

For anyone in crisis and needing to talk Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor which is Free 24/7 support at your fingertips

Dr. Janina that was powerful, Wonderful insight, everyone needs to be their own Super Hero!

Just as moving the second time I heard this, so please make sure and pass this on to your friends as soon as it is archived.

Dr. Scarlet, your presentation was deeply in touch with the current reality of our youth

From Auntie Fe Love, Compassionate Arts in Action Please reach out if you want to become more involved at  and want to share the Posts created for the mental health fair

Art puts you in the moment and in the “flow”

I hope all of the youth on this Zoom know that many , many adults have struggled their whole lives with anxiety and depression. This is helping us too! thank you so much everyone for sharing your vulnerability and brilliance. so many gifts from all this today.

Daniela — you make me think about the kinds of activities I do in my life that can support or inhibit good health and well-being. Thank you! I’ve never thought of photography in that way.

Thank you all for contributing and creating this safe, creative and resourceful space in the community.

Creativity gives us access to who we are…Even if you can’t draw or not a musician, doodling to music is fun

Painting, acting, dancing, singing are all in the present moment. You can practice being in the present moment thru mindfulness too’

When Black and Brown go Green. You can join us

#WhenBlackandBrownGoGreen check-ins and strategy meeting Every Thursdays 7pm (PST)- 9pm(PST)

 It’s such a powerful message that “everyone has some form of anxiety” that is so true and it’s important for individuals to know this. great job!

The world continues to change at an accelerated rate and there is so much uncertainty that fuels anxiety.

I would like to add cultivating a sense of gratitude, and purpose as an inner motivator, creating meaning and a strong connection with being alive, seen, heard, validated. Everybody can find the gifts to develop and offer.

Reconnecting to nature through wilderness backpacking helped me foster that sense of inner meaning and a strong connection with being alive and seen

If you don't know what to say, just say that—and tell your friend that you are there for them.

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