Sunday, January 10, 2021

Compassionate Youth Concerned with Mental Health Day 2

by Patricia Frischer

You can now view the 90 minute session on Coping with Anxiety and Worries
You can now view the 90 minute session on Overcoming Depression and Hopelessness
You can now view the 90 minute session on Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equity
You can now view the 90 minute session on Understanding Autism

The second day of this four part panel discussion covered Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equity as well as Understand Autism. Our four of these session had emotional testimonials from young people who although struggling with mental health had all made magnificent process in their lives. The were helped by the wonderful mentors and friends and family who support them. Four Post for Peace were created, one on each theme demonstrating how the visual arts as well as the performing arts played a big part in their lives. 

All the participants cheered the presentations and I know everyone, youths and adults learned something new and something valuable from this experience. 

Compassionate Youth Concerned with Mental Health Zoom Discussions on Sat/Sun Jan 9/10th, 2021  covered 4 topics: Coping with Anxiety and Worries, Overcoming Depression and Hopelessness,  Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equity, Understanding Autism each with a 1 1/2 hour session that has been prepared by youth ambassadors, guidance counselors and compassionate lead artists.  Streaming live on Facebook: Compassionate Arts/Posts For Peace and Justice and produced by Compassionate Arts San Diego .   For more info: Kira Corser 510.684.4651.

Overview video

  1. Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equity - video of Post for Peach and Justice
  2. Understanding Autism  - video of Post for Peach and Justice

If you miss these sessions, make sure and keep in touch to view the archived panels. 


Here are just a few of the comments from the 2nd day zoom session:

Love the diversity of the presentation, ethnicity, gender equality, representation in media, thank Rev. Carolyn Wilkins

It's time for a change! Lets help one another and be an advocate to shape the world in a better place!!

I am deeply moved by all of your work today.

Thank you, Rev. Carolyn. You summarized some of the deepest wounds and greatest hope for our nation and communities. I commit with you!

Learn one thing per day….beautiful

What a beautiful gift he bestowed on you, Camille. Thank you for sharing with us here today and through your art. These are stories we need to hear and protect and use to build a better society. Your vulnerability, wisdom, and creativity for the posts are much appreciated 

Might this period of global lockdowns be an opportunity for youth of different countries to connect, develop bonds and create a more compassionate world? Is this happening? Or how might we encourage this to happen?.

Inclusive practices require us to think differently about how we work with each other and what values each person brings into our world.

There is no "perfect" there's only the perfect original!

Madison, your are a brave and powerful person. Thank you for your courage. You taught me many new things about autism.

The education system needs a lot of reforming!!

Don't compare yourself to others! Your talents, gifts, and skills are your personal gifts designed for you to share with the others. Your gifts are unique.

Learning that our potential knows no bounds is what we need to be encouraging

Madison I loved teaching you Native flute lessons because of how creative you are, how willing you were to think outside the box. You do have the makings of a musical composer.

Everybody’s ingredients in their recipe for success is different.

Temple Grandin  

The more we focus on what feels good and what our strengths are, the more we feel better, more confident, that builds momentum we feel more confident and less affected by the other stuff.

Everybody isn't meant to be the same. We all have beautiful and different gifts to offer to the world!!!

Normal is boring! ....this is how the light gets in and we shine! :)

Colorful personalities makes up the rainbow that is who we are.

You never know what one positive deed can do for someone that is having a terrible day! Be compassionate and understanding. We all can co-exist!!

You all are strong, talented creative, and phenomenal. I hope everyone continues to reach for the stars. I wish nothing but success in each one of your paths!! Thank you!!

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