Saturday, January 16, 2021

Waves of Feminism mural by Katie Ruiz at Women's Museum of California

by Patricia Frischer

I joined the Women's Museum of California’s virtual Waves of Feminism mural unveiling and was treated to a behind the screnes creation talk about the inspiration behind the project and how the mural came to be. We got to see the mural created by Katie Ruiz and to hear from Sue Gonda how the women in the three waves of the mural were selected. We learned about separate issues that were prevalent in each era: 100 years ago, the 1960’s and the present. But the director of WMC, Felica Shaw, has also invited the public to contribute their own messages of what the future might mean to us, what the world would be like with gender equity, inclusion and diversity for all.

You can see the mural at Liberty Station right outside the Museum on the exterior walls of Barracks 16 and there will be short labels on the wall, QR codes give you more info including more in-depth exhibitions. Of course, you can go online where they will share all the public messages and more info and tools, workshops, panels and resources to come.  Future projects include: music, films and fashion so you can explore the sound track, celluloid influences and, icons that led the feminist movement. 

Felicia Shaw

Sue Gonda

Katie Ruiz



Waves of Feminism mural

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