Friday, April 30, 2021

Irma Sofia Poeter: Herself and the other

 by Patricia Frischer

Irma Sofia Poeter celebrates 25 years of her artistic trajectory with this retrospective show presented in CEART Tecate, (Federico Benitez s/n, Downey) Baja Norte. Una y lo otro: Conexion Tecate extended until the end of June.. With a selection of more than 50 pieces this exhibition shows the different technics, formats and themes that this Mexican-American artist has explored. More info: 011 52 (665) 65

I was very sad to miss the 25-year retrospective of Irma Sofia Poeter at Central Estatal de las Arts in Tecate this last month. She very kindly sent me a video walk through of some of the exhibition which you can see below.

Poeter was a San Diego Art Prize recipient in 2016 where she showed a part of the migration series of cloth works that are like highly embellished mandalas. At this retrospective she is showed one of these pieces that is her own story of migration from south to north and back south which has jeans as a central medium. She now lives in Tecate and considers herself a border artist.

The wide range of materials used in this show is very exciting. In her early paintings, the subject is always women and how they are viewed in society. The use of fabric does seem to be a hallmark of her art as seen with the sleeves of man’s shirts hanging down from the ceiling, actually close enough to touch you as you walk beneath them.

Her chakra dresses are made from materials from all over the world. Each of the 7 outfits represent one the chakras. I can relate the dresses to architecture as they are obviously constructed with layers to be decorative and still utilitarian. Poeter was trained as an architect and she is building her own home and studio as we could see from the maquettes on view.  

The variety of  mediums is not confusing as Irma Sofia Poeter herself is the subject which makes the show coherent.  

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